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We are sure you will have many questions concerning your fishing experience with Bass Fever Guide Service. Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions or concerns, by all means don't hesitate to make those concerns known. We are here to serve YOU, and your enjoyment is uppermost on our agenda.
Can Bass Fever Guide Service provide fishing tackle and lures?
We will be happy to provide you with rod, reel, line and lure. We have baitcasting and spinning equipment available, and whichever type you are most comfortable with can be used. We are constantly trying and evaluating new lures and techniques. We will furnish you with the lures that are most productive for the time of year, water conditions and location.
Must I purchase a fishing license to fish in Pennsylvania?
State law requires that you possess and display a valid resident or non-resident fishing license. These may be obtained ahead of time by logging on to the Pennsylvania web site at and completing the necessary form. They can also be obtained at local sporting goods stores, bait shops and Walmart stores. We can also secure a license for you with advance notification, complete information and payment.
Does Bass Fever Guide Service guarantee a certain catch?
Our guides will do everything humanly possible to assure your enjoyment and satisfaction. We are on the river nearly every day. However… NO ONE can guarantee what the FISH will do. Weather conditions, water conditions and your own personal abilities will influence the productivity of the day.
Do I need to provide my own life jacket?
Safety on the water is an utmost concern of Bass Fever Guide Service. We require that all of our guides and guests wear an appropriate personal floatation device at all times; which we provide. But… if you have a personal life jacket that you like, bring it along.
Will Bass Fever Guide Service take photos of my catch?
We will be happy to take all of the photos you desire, with our camera or yours. Action shots, photos of you and your trophy, scenery shots, whatever. These action shots will then be placed on our picture page for you and your friends to peruse or download at your leisure.
Can Bass Fever Guide Service recommend an area motel?
If your fishing trip requires you to stay for a night or two, Bass Fever Guide Service will be happy to recommend an area hotel or motel. Corporate rates are available to our clients.
Should I bring a set of rain gear?
A set of good quality rain gear is always a good idea. The weatherman has been known to be wrong and it can also be used as a windbreaker if necessary.
What should I wear?
The season of the year, air temperature and weather conditions will dictate the type and amount of clothing you will want to wear and bring. Even on warm, sunny summer days, the morning and evening air can be cool and damp. A change of clothing is also recommended… it is a loooong ride home in wet clothes.
Do I need to pack a lunch?
A snack, light lunch and cold drinks are highly recommended. Especially bottled water. Ice and storage provided.
May I keep my catch?
Yes, limits are available during open seasons. Please ask while you are booking your trip.
Can you arrange for a trophy "mount"?
Bass Fever Guide Service can arrange to have a graphite reproduction mount made of your trophy, with the exact measurements and dimensions as your original fish. These mounts are more "lifelike" than the "real" thing, and are guaranteed for life. "Artistic Anglers" of Duluth, Minnesota, one of the nations premier producers of trophy fish creations is our partner in conservation.
What if I am not familiar with a particular fishing technique?
Bass Fever Guide Service is happy to take the time to teach you the specific fishing technique or lure presentation that is effective at the time of your outing. This is YOUR trip, and we want to make it as enjoyable as possible. We want YOU to catch the fish. This is NOT just a ride to the "fishin' hole" or an occasion to watch the guide catch all of the fish.
I am unfamiliar with the area. How do I get there?
The Harrisburg area is easily accessed via Interstate 81, Interstate 83 and US Routes 11 and 15. A detailed map and instructions are available upon request, or get driving directions by typing our address into Mapquest.
I will be traveling a long distance. Is it necessary to drive there?
The Harrisburg area is serviced by US Airways, via Harrisburg International Airport, from all major cities. We will be happy to pick you up at the airport and transport you to your motel. We can also pick you up in the morning for a hearty breakfast and take you to the launch site. You will then be returned to the airport for your departure. Bass Fever Guide Service is a "Full Service" operation.
Will the guide teach me and improve my fishing skills?
As we have stated, this is not just a ride to the "fishin' hole". We are willing and able to instruct you in the latest fishing techniques and lure presentations. We will teach you the "ways of the river" and how to spot and fish the locations that hold fish. We will teach you how to tie proper knots, properly sharpen hooks and share any other information.
We at Bass Fever Guide Service wish to provide you with the greatest of fishing experiences. We want your fishing outing to be fun, productive and enjoyable.
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