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smallmouth bass fishingYou are not just "going on a fishin' trip"! You are about to embark on one of the highlights of your fishing experiences! An outing with Bass Fever Guide Service is more than "a ride to the fishin' hole" and "watchin" the guide catch fish. We are happy to give you as much instruction and help as needed, prior to and during the trip, and want YOU to catch fish and enjoy the day.

We at Bass Fever Guide Service will do everything possible to assure your trip with us will be one to remember. However… NO ONE can guarantee the fish will want to cooperate. Our guides and friends are on the river daily, and we are eager to share information with each other. We will strive to "put you on fish"… BUT… the FISH and your abilities will play some part in the results.

Knowledge and Experience :
Our guides grew up fishing the Susquehanna River and regularly fish tournaments and competitions on these and other waters. We also present seminars and instructional talks at marine dealers, retail stores, schools, civic meetings and outdoor shows.
Top Notch Equipment :
We operate from custom built and totally rigged and outfitted boats, in A-1 condition. From aluminum, jet outboard powered river runner boats, to fully equipped fiberglass boats for lake fishing. Our boats are kept in top-notch condition by Hall's Marine of Muncy, Pennsylvania.
Fishing Tackle :
If you do not own, or wish to bring along your own tackle, we can provide top-of-the-line tackle and lures for your use.
Photos :
We will be more than happy to take photos of your trophy catches.
Trophy Fish Mounts :
We will be happy to arrange for a graphite reproduction of your trophy catch, with the exact measurements of your fish, through one of the oldest, best and most reliable companies in the US.
Techniques :
We will tailor your trip to your desires and abilities. If you need more detailed instruction… that is never a problem. We are here to please YOU, and make your trip with us enjoyable and productive.
Prior to your "Susquehanna Experience", you will chat with one of our guides and review all necessary items and equipment for the season, body of water and weather conditions expected.
Valid PA Fishing License :
You are required, by state law, to posses and DISPLAY a valid Pennsylvania fishing license. These can be acquired ahead of time by logging onto the state's web site at
Clothing & Rain Gear:
Always bring extra. We have ample storage or can return any extra gear to your vehicle if necessary.
Sun Screen :
Even in the spring and fall, or on an overcast day, the sun can still be brutal, if you are not use to it. A good sunscreen is always a good idea, as is a lip balm of some sort. The wind and cold can be just as hard on your skin, and these items will help deter those effects.
Polarized Eyewear :
Polarized sunglasses or clip-ons are a MUST while fishing. Ideally, gray lenses in bright sun and yellow or amber lenses in overcast or rainy situations. These will help you locate underwater holding spots and structure and even fish; will protect your eyes from the sun and wind and will protect your eyes while we are running from spot to spot.
Camera :
Our guides are always willing and able to take photos of your trophy catches. But… you may want pictures of the scenery, wildlife and other attractions. A good camera is always a good idea, and should be packed in a waterproof container.
Food & Drink :
A snack, light lunch and plenty of cool refreshing drink are always a welcome break during a lull in the action. Lots of bottled water is highly recommended, especially in hot weather.
Medications :
Be sure to bring along any needed prescription drugs or medications. Also, any antacids, motion sickness medication, aspirin or other items you may need.
Bass Fever Guide Service wishes your fishing trip to be an experience you will enjoy and talk about, with fond memories, for years to come. We will do all of the work and preparation for your trip, but adhering to our safety and conduct standards will help make your experience even more enjoyable. We want you to have fun and savor the fantastic fishing our beloved Susquehanna River has to offer. But… we wish to do it in a safe, ethical and environmentally friendly manner. After all, we want this resource to be available to our children and our children's children. We look forward to having you aboard. Good fishin', safe boatin', keep your net wet and your lines tight!!


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